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Kosher Blended Wines, Kosher Vermouth and Martini

Shop our specialist range of kosher blended wines for quality blends at reasonable prices. In our stock you will find traditional kosher blended wines in addition to kosher vermouth, including kosher Martini for your cocktail parties.

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Helping You Find the Right Kosher Blended Wines

There is a great deal of misconception with blended wines but with our diverse collection you are sure to find what you need when it comes to kosher blended wines, kosher vermouth or kosher Martini.

Blended wine products can be genuine wines where two different grape varieties are brought together to make a delicious new wine. Sauvignon and Merlot are frequently used in blending. Often wineries will grow grapes specifically for the purpose of blending. It can often produce a superior, better tasting wine, if grapes are carefully chosen by experienced wine experts.

The other kosher blended wines you will come across are vermouths. These blends have a wine base but are developed for the use as mixers in cocktails or as an aperitif. Vermouth is one of the most common with Martini being among the most popular variety.

Kosher vermouth can be sweet and red, dry or blanc, which is sweeter but pale.

If you need help locating the right blended wine product, don’t hesitate to get in touch with wine experts for advice. Call us on +323.233.9802 or email us at for quick advice.