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Kosher Rum

Kosher rum is a fun and tasty alcohol beloved by so many. The warming, rich flavour of kosher rum is food for the body and soul, yet it is also a playful, sweet and refreshing beverage, making it an ideal choice in both summer and winter.

Now you can buy leading kosher rum online from the world’s most experienced distilleries in our kosher rum range. Kosher rum is delightful to drink on its own or in cocktails. You cannot do without kosher rum for classic favourites like mojitos and rum and coke but don’t forget kosher rum is the required base for nearly all Caribbean cocktails and makes an excellent ingredient for inventing new cocktails of your own design.

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Light or Dark Kosher Rum?

Both light and dark kosher rum are favourites as drinks by themselves or in cocktails, but darker rum is more frequently drunk on its own thanks to that more intense flavour. White kosher rum is the choice for many cocktails. If you are new to the delights of rum, you will find white rum has a sweeter, more subtle taste, whereas dark rum has a deeper flavour. This is because dark rum is aged. The majority of rum is kosher, unless it has been aged in wine barrels, but our rum is from trusted producers and always reliably kosher.

Ordering kosher rum online will ensure you don’t run out of ingredients for your next cocktail, so browse our elite range for the best kosher rums.

Kosher Rum and Your Health

Kosher rum has many health benefits. When drunk in moderation it can reduce anxiety, its antimicrobial properties help prevent the common cold, it increases the mineral density of your bones making them stronger for longer as you age, it helps to fight muscle pain and it is beneficial for preventing heart disease and dementia. This means you can enjoy your favourite kosher rums and feel good about your health.